Blockdata is a database of objective information about the companies, projects, products, and tokens that comprise the blockchain ecosystem. It was founded in 2018 by three friends frustrated by the cumbersome process of conducting blockchain research.

It is designed for anyone wishing to understand and research blockchain technology. We focus on publishing the fundamental aspects of this technology. Our aim is to be the first place to look for information on blockchain projects.

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Jonathan Knegtel | Co-founder | CEO

Anyone who comes across Jonathan immediately sees his passion and enthusiasm for connecting people and technology. Before he started wearing his wooden bow tie at blockchain meetups, he studied electrical engineering and worked in startups as diverse as bitcoin exchanges, private jets, and a data company tracking VC funding for tech companies.

Niels Lucker | Co-founder | CMO

Niels has spent the last decade building memorable brands. He is obsessed with creating and conveying value at every opportunity. Niels got into blockchain in 2015 and has been hooked ever since. His dream is to see mass adoption of blockchain technology across all areas of society. 

Lucas Schweiger | Co-founder | Data

Since 2014, Lucas has focused his life and livelihood around blockchain technology. He has been actively trading and researching tokens alongside consulting work on high-profile blockchain projects. Lucas is in charge of data acquisition and quality, Blockdata’s bread and butter. 

Bob van Ratingen | Co-founder | CTO

Bob is a former DJ and music producer who quit touring the world to build Blockdata. Helpfully, he also has a degree in computer science and a long history of successful projects in software development. His versatility as a full stack developer is key to seamlessly bringing together different technologies and data points.

Jaspar Casey | Content

Jaspar is a storyteller whose background includes everything from an early stage data startup in London to teaching and mentoring student entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, via a stint in Brooklyn’s best sandwich shop. He believes that the blockchain space could benefit from clearer, more precise communication.

Daniel Hangan | Research

Daniel's job is to find interesting insights in Blockdata's data set that can be elaborated and built into reports.

Data Team

Working closely with Lucas is our off-site data team. Their job is to collect, aggregate, and validate the information on blockchain projects, products, and tokens. All data points are vetted by at least two members of this team, with Lucas conducting all final checks to ensure consistent data quality across our database.